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My Developer Survival Kit

My Developer Survival Kit

Lightning talk about my favourite tool: glitch

Nicolas Grenié

August 08, 2019

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  1. My Developer Survival Kit Nicolas Grenié Developer Advocate @ Typeform

    4th August 2019 - Twilio Champions Summit @picsoung @typeform
  2. @picsoung

  3. @picsoung

  4. @picsoung

  5. @picsoung

  6. @picsoung Inclusive At heart

  7. @picsoung Deployed Since Minute 1

  8. @picsoung Keep It Simple

  9. @picsoung Build In The Open

  10. @picsoung Collaboration enabler

  11. @picsoung

  12. Questions? Nicolas Grenié (@picsoung) nicolas.grenie@typeform.com 4th August 2019 Twilio Champions

    Summit Images are from Unsplash Feedback?
  13. Why We Need Side Projects

  14. Don’t Loose Your Mind

  15. Build To Learn

  16. Build To Be Visible

  17. Build To Be Visible