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Empowering Customer Success Operations With No-code Flows

Empowering Customer Success Operations With No-code Flows

Nicolas Grenié

June 23, 2022

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  1. Empowering Customer Success Operations With No-code Flows Nicolas Grenié -

    Postman Meetup 2022
  2. Typeform Forms and surveys for meaningful conversations, at scale VideoAsk

    Asynchronous interactions that get you face-to-face with customers Chat The no-code chatbot builder Our products
  3. @picsoung

  4. @picsoung

  5. Let’s take an example @picsoung

  6. As a customer: I want to turn off branding on

    all my typeforms @picsoung
  7. @picsoung

  8. Our regular answer: Sorry not possible 󰤈 @picsoung

  9. Sometimes: use our API @picsoung

  10. Sometimes: use our API @picsoung

  11. @picsoung

  12. @picsoung

  13. Ticket closed ✅ @picsoung

  14. @picsoung

  15. @picsoung

  16. Ideal customer experience Plug and play No code Tech agnostic

  17. Document for reusability @picsoung

  18. Collections are great but Hard to understand what’s happening under

    the hood Looping is not built-in Not every Tech CS folk can build those scripts @picsoung
  19. Flows to the rescue 💪 @picsoung

  20. @picsoung

  21. @picsoung

  22. Visual builder No setup required @picsoung

  23. Next steps Build more to inspire others Onboard tech CS

    on how to build their own Flows List most common CS requests that could be solved @picsoung
  24. @picsoung Questions? Images from Unsplash Typeform workspace