Spitsgids presented at Data Beers Brussels

Spitsgids presented at Data Beers Brussels

With the Spitsgids project, we are predicting how busy your train will be, and add it to the iRail API, so you can take a train earlier or later.

Check out https://irail.be/app for more information

Our blog: https://hello.irail.be
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Special thanks to Arne Nys who created these slides during open Summer of code 2016 (http://2016.summerofcode.be)


Pieter Colpaert

November 23, 2016


  1. None
  2. Source: Leefmilieu Brussel (2013)

  3. Can’t find a seat?

  4. Can’t sit together with your friends?

  5. Want to avoid that busy train?

  6. source: https://api.irail.be/logs

  7. Spitsgids We predict how busy your train will be, so

    you can leave earlier or later
  8. How?

  9. “This train is packed!” The user knows all.

  10. “ ” “ ”

  11. Artificial Intelligence will learn from your feedback

  12. And now it’s our turn to publish Open Data Both

    real-time feedback as our predictions
  13. Railer Iphone app And we get this data adopted by

    other applications
  14. The budget so far was crowd-funded And supported by

  15. Pieter Colpaert pieter@iRail.be @pietercolpaert @iRail iRail Let’s build a world

    where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.