Ponytone by Peach Hack (#PonyDev @ Everfree Northwest 2018)

Ponytone by Peach Hack (#PonyDev @ Everfree Northwest 2018)

A 10 minute lightning talk at BronyCon 2018's Pony Programming panel. Find more slides at http://developer.horse

Presented by Peach Hack https://twitter.com/KatharineBerry



Inky Collective

May 19, 2018


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    Peach Hack • Working on Google Cloud • Failed to

    make smartglasse at Intel • Used to make watches at Pebble • Also another pony game: rpg.horse @KatharineBerry
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    Pitch detection The AnalyserNode interface represents a node able to

    provide real-time frequency and time-domain analysis information. AnalyserNode
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    Pitch detection The ScriptProcessorNode interface allows the generation, processing, or

    analyzing of audio using JavaScript. ScriptProcessorNode
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    WebRTC: Getting Started Just initiate ICE with a STUN server

    and relay the SDPs between clients, being ready to fall back on TURN if STUN fails.
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    WebRTC: Acronym Hell • ICE: Interactive Connectivity Establishment • SDP:

    Session Description Protocol • STUN: Session Traversal Utilities for NAT • TURN: Traversal Using Relays around NAT
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    Help me! • Try it: https://ponytone.online • It’s open source:

    https://github.com/Katharine/ponytone • Discord: https://discord.gg/QGHdhSU • There is a lot more work to do: settings, latency calibration, variable difficulty levels, better song filtering, improved pitch detection, …