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Learning from Valerie Issarny: Insights Gained from Program Co-Chairing SEAMS’23

Learning from Valerie Issarny: Insights Gained from Program Co-Chairing SEAMS’23

Pooyan Jamshidi

May 16, 2023

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  1. Learning from
    Valerie Issarny
    Insights Gained from Program
    Co-Chairing SEAMS’23
    Pooyan Jamshidi

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  2. Initial Introduction

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  3. A Visionary Researcher in Distributed
    Systems and Software Architecture

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  4. • She was one of the pioneers in the
    ield of middleware,
    developing new middleware architectures and systems
    that supported distributed collaborative services.

    • She was a leading researcher in mobile computing,
    developing new middleware solutions for mobile services
    deployed over smartphones interacting with sensors.

    • She was a strong advocate for using software
    engineering principles in designing and developing
    middleware systems.

    • She was a mentor to many young researchers and helped
    to advance the
    ield of computer science.
    Valérie Issarny's Notable
    to the
    ield of computer science

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  5. • New types of software architecture — in
    particular, service-oriented architecture

    • Automated synthesis of connectors to
    support software evolution

    • Dynamic composition of distributed
    Valerie’s research that I
    was fascinated with

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  6. • She was direct in expressing criticism.

    • She was very supportive and responsible.

    • She was passionate about her work
    (research and service).

    • She was humble, too!

    • And she was a great mentor.
    Valerie was a great

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  7. Valerie was a passionate
    advocate of diversity.

    And I loved that she
    suggested several
    brilliant women be in
    the SEAMS PC.

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  8. Personal Story

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  9. Valérie Issarny was a brilliant computer
    scientist and a dedicated researcher.

    Her work has had a signi
    icant impact on
    ield of computer science.

    …and she will be remembered as a pioneer
    in the
    ield of middleware.

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