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Journey to Swift

Journey to Swift

A Talk that I gave at the Developer User group Johannesburg

Peter-John Welcome

May 09, 2017

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  1. The Journey • Moving from Monolithic app to having frameworks

    (pods) • Reduces compilation times due to incremental builds • decouple your code, helps with Unit tests
  2. The Journey • Interoperability - bridging • Big objective C

    code base (so you would want to reuse some of that code)
  3. The Journey Disadvantages to Interoperability • Developers need to know

    2 languages • Xcode is buggy ( refactoring , debugging , Code completion) • Swift is a Static dispatcher - no reflection =( • Swift embedded Libraries (app bloat) • 3rd Party library problems • Code Standards • AppCode did not have great support
  4. The Journey The Journey Advantages to Interoperability/Swift • Less boilerplate

    code • Functions are 1st class citizens • Functional programming paradigm • Protocol Oriented Programming
  5. • Generics • Tuples • Enumerations defined in Swift without

    Int raw value type • Structures defined in Swift • Top-level functions defined in Swift • Global variables defined in Swift • Typealiases defined in Swift • Swift-style variadics • Nested types • Curried functions The Journey Swift Types