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Symposium on Open Guidelines for RDTs - 1 - Welcome - Oxford OUCRU - Ona

Symposium on Open Guidelines for RDTs - 1 - Welcome - Oxford OUCRU - Ona

Peter Lubell-Doughtie

March 10, 2022

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  1. Multiple Collaborators • Summit Institute for Development (SID), Mataram, Indonesia

    • Provincial Office for Prevention of Infectious Diseases, West Papua, Indonesia • Health Polytechnic Institute, Manokwari, Indonesia • Provincial Office of Health, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia • District Health Office of East Lombok, Indonesia • University of Mataram • Yarsi University • Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Nairobi, Kenya • Zebra/Temptime • University of Washington • Mologic • OpenSRP
  2. August 2018 Draft Software and Hardware OG RDT defined August

    2019 Prototype RDT manufactured and app released January 2020 Malaria field test August 2020 2nd prototype manufactured and 2nd app January 2021 Covid-19 field test
  3. Guidance and standards Read any RDT, guide users in proper

    use and test validity checks. Pathway to machine readability and automated analysis Better data Unique identifiers, expiration date, environmental condition checks, access to sample. Review how we can we improve RDTs Hardware Software Integration Detect and act Common data structures based on established healthcare standards. Links to laboratory and supply chain
  4. Share what we have learned Implementations Compare and contrast implementations

    with different RDT prototypes for Malaria and Covid-19. Rapid Change Telemedicine and app-based RDT reading widely accepted due to Covid-19 testing response. New Opportunities What are the priorities for epidemiological surveillance with the new focus and priority the Covid-19 pandemic has created?
  5. Plan for the feature Shared Guidelines What are the documents

    and tools that will accelerate precision healthcare. Whether data, best practices, tooling, etc how can we benefit from each others efforts? Collaboration New Innovations Increased smartphone processing power, neural CPUs, distributed ledgers, what are the new technologies we can innovate with
  6. Efficient and Meaningful Participation Find the agenda here https://bit.ly/3vWD37s Camera

    on when possible Mute when not speaking Questions in moderator chat Stand when you need to References Shared folder for presentations. • Conference folder • Community folder https://bit.ly/3Cq8F6E Outcomes Roadmap for Open Guidelines