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Symposium on Open Guidelines for RDTs - 9 - HIS Platform Interoperability with FHIR Diagnostics

Symposium on Open Guidelines for RDTs - 9 - HIS Platform Interoperability with FHIR Diagnostics

Peter Lubell-Doughtie

March 11, 2022

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  1. 1. The HIS Loop: Field to Processing to Planning 2.

    FHIR Specifications to integrate between and within systems 3. How OG RDT used FHIR 4. FHIR integration for global health diagnostics software 5. Nexts steps in FHIR standards for diagnostics Outline
  2. Update implementation Assign schedules and plans for care, evaluate risk

    and priority. Capture data Multiple incompatible apps storing data in many formats. Partial integration with data in laboratories and hospitals. Refer and aggregate Push and pull from external systems, transform and calculate. • Enable workforce supervision • Pathway to ML 1) The Health Information System Loop for Diagnostics Field activities Processing Planning
  3. 2) FHIR to manage integration points In the US, FHIR

    mandated by law through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Other countries have related mandates. Widely used Flexible and extensible FHIR data structures • Restricted to define essential elements for compatibility • Extended for locality specific requirements Vibrant community Standard being actively updated and evolved as it further matures. Speciality expert groups to match workflows to reality.
  4. Profiling FHIR From Specifications to Standards DeviceDefinition Resource RDT Profile

    DeviceDefinition name: (String) property type: (text) value[x] DeviceDefinition name: (String) property type: Time for result valueQuantity: >=... 0..* property type: Temperature valueQuantity: >= … property type: Sample Quantity valueQuantity: drop, mL.. 1 1 1
  5. RDT Guidelines in a FHIR Native app SQLite Database Data

    Access API Smart Guidelines API Search API Data Capture API Sync API FHIR Server Android FHIR SDK Application Application logic and user interface Google Android FHIR SDK Architecture DeviceDefinition & Other Resources… Onward Connections to LIMS and EMR Test guidance, image capture and interpretation
  6. August 2019 Draft FHIR resources integrate into an app January

    2022 FHIR native app framework exists 2022 Formal submission of FHIR Profile for RDTs in global health 2022 FHIR based prototype routinely used 2023 FHIR Profile for RDTs accepted into the standard