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Docker distribution & Harbor

Docker distribution & Harbor


Patrik Mihalcin

November 24, 2016


  1. docker distribution & harbor

  2. intro docker distribution a.k.a registry • store & distribute in-house

    images • private version of • storage in azure harbor • extension of registry • frontend • additional functionalities for enterprise-y feeling: ◦ role based access control, projects, namespaces ◦ LDAP ◦ auditing
  3. harbor.. demo 1. LDAP login 2. dashboard 3. projects,

    team project names 4. public project - library - generic images across teams 5. images, naming convention, REGISTRY/PROJECT/REPO[:TAG] 6. users, roles, add member to the project 7. logs 8. search NOTE: each team must create tech LDAP user associated with project (if they want to push images as part of CI)
  4. pull & push to private registry.. demo REGISTRY/PROJECT/REPO[:TAG] • docker

    pull busybox:latest • docker tag busybox:latest • docker login • docker push • docker pull
  5. common docker images.. demo contribute / improve common docker images

    • r/common-docker-images it will be broken down into multiple git repos under (tech LDAP user in progress) let’s have a look at Dockerfiles | docker-compose to see images in action
  6. final thoughts • let’s keep it clean & tidy •

    let’s collaborate
  7. That’s all folks thanks for your attention any questions?!?

  8. Check this out .md how to request tech

    LDAP user: =0&lang=en&singleton=3&id=5243331 SR-365133