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  1. Duration: 1 – 4 weeks Russian Language School is a

    special program through which you can get acquainted with Russian culture while learning Russian. This course is for those who want to learn Russian for work and business, daily life and communication, scientific research or just for fun. Our Russian language teachers are highly professional specialists. Their teaching methods and individual approach will help you make rapid progress in learning Russian. The typical period is on July, August and September. The groups begin training from every Monday. Russian Language school is realized in groups of 10-15 persons. The program will take place when the full group is recruited. For universities (organizations) that have recruited a full group (the minimum number of people in a group is 10), the study duration and arrival dates of the group can be set individually. Applications are accepted: - For July until May 15, 2024 - For August-September until June 1, 2024 1. Dormitory type: section type dormitory (furnished room for 2-3 people; rooms in a section; shower and toilet in the section; kitchen for 4-5 sections). 2. Hotel type: if you need an accommodation in the hotel, please inform us in advance. ☑ training ☑ transfer ☑ accommodation in PNU dormitory ☑ cultural and excursion program ☑ training materials ☑ invitation for a visa
  2. Duration: 2 weeks The course offers interactive lectures and classes

    on the organization of various activities for children, on the communicative development of preschool children, their formation of relationships with adults and peers. Classes are conducted using simple techniques and game forms. The result of the training is knowledge on the specifics of working with preschool children. Duration: 1 week The course offers lectures, interactive classes, master classes on the assessment of physical condition; psychophysiological features of memory, attention, thinking, chronotype; human adaptive potential to environmental factors of an urban environment - noise, stress, nutrition, electromagnetic radiation, atmospheric air, etc. Classes are conducted using simple techniques and equipment that are accessible and understandable for different categories of students. The result of the training is mastering the skills of self-monitoring of health and achieving harmonious interaction with the surrounding world. Duration: 1 – 4weeks The course offers lectures and master classes on Russian traditional decorative and applied arts. For the modern world, it is extremely important to preserve traditional applied art, which has its own rich centuries-old history. Duration: 1 week The course offers lectures, interactive classes and master classes on the economic potential of the Far Eastern region; introduces students to the history, peculiarities and cultural traditions of the Far East, helps to reveal their talent in the field of public communications. Duration: 2 weeks (18.08.2024 - 01.09.2024) For High School Students: The course offers interactive classes in pedagogy and history, master classes in decorative and applied arts. For Teachers: The course offers interactive lectures and classes devoted to modern problems of pedagogical science and education, professional practice of a teacher, innovative processes in additional education and modern pedagogical technologies. Duration: up to 7 days (including the day of arrival and departure) The course offers acquaintance of foreign students and their parents with the university and immersion in the culture and traditions of Russia.
  3. 1 week (20 academic hours) – 20 000 rubles 2

    weeks (40 academic hours) – 30 000 rubles 3 weeks (60 academic hours) – 40 000 rubles 4 weeks (80 academic hours) – 50 000 rubles 6 000 rubles. for 24 hours is about 700 rubles depending on the rooms’ amenities from 10 000 rubles AIRPORT – DORMITORY – AIRPORT Free Free Free - Visa processing (to find out information about requirements visit official website of Russian Embassy in your country) - Transportation costs - Food
  4. I joined the Summer School of Russian language, which is

    held at PNU since 2017, already 3 times. Even though it is only a one- week school, contents of the classes are rich and substantial. First of all, every participant enjoyed the classes. They are not that boring grammar related, but, singing Russian folk songs in Russian, challenging to guide famous places such as Moscow and Khabarovsk etc. Courses are not very much dependent on the levels of Russian skill, quite skillfully designed to let everyone speak as much as possible. For myself, singing “Million Roses” and “Evenings at suburban Moscow” are very impressive. I know them sung in Japanese, but by the original language, recognized that they sound more melancholic. Secondly, very attractive programs are prepared. Needless to say sightseeing and shopping, but also visit to beer factory of Baltika, BBQ at suburbs etc. Thirdly, you can experience the life at dormitory with other participants cheerfully. Fourthly, delicious and reasonably priced Russian foods at the restaurant nearby! So many programs and events that you would never see in ordinary group tours. Finally, you can’t miss new friendships with the volunteers who are studying Japanese in Khabarovsk. I am sure this friendship will continue forever. I thank everyone involved from the deepest of my mind. The cultural program includes excursions to the cultural and historical sights of Khabarovsk with students of the PNU*. Participants will also visit various industries, such as a brewery or a confectionery factory, and participate in various workshops and tastings. Make new friends and learn more about Russia at the same time! * We will send you a detailed schedule during the correspondence. If the content of the program is changed, we will notify you in advance. That was an amazing moment of my life when I joined in the program of Summer school. Only 1 month but I already know a lots such as: knowledge from language, meeting host family, exchanging culture, enjoying with picturesque landscape, doing traditional hand-mades, hanging out and chill with local students. We also met and had a lot of friends after that course. We also kept in touch until now. A best moment of my life make me realise that languages make me happy and happier. By attending the Russian language school, I was able to learn not only Russian but also food, life, Russian people, and so on. My Russian was immature so I was worried that I could spend PNU, but the volunteers of the university supported me every day and I enjoyed learning very much. What I found particularly good was classes. I was able to touch not only grammar and pronunciation, but also Russian songs and spoken words, so I think it was a very fulfilling content. By studying in Russia this time, I became more fond of Russia. It was also an opportunity to learn and learn more about Russia. It was a short month of studying abroad, but it was a wonderful memory that I will never forget. [email protected]