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Web Application Intro for RailsGirls Berlin May 2013

Web Application Intro for RailsGirls Berlin May 2013

The well known web application introduction, this time without the Ruby introduction as the Ruby Monsters already did this! This time it also has a Bentobox.

Tobias Pfeiffer

May 04, 2013

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  1. Logic • Behaviour • Implements the business logic • Ties

    all the parts together • Generates content
  2. • A general purpose programming language • Principle of least

    surprise • Invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto
  3. "I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the

    world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language." Yukihiro Matsumoto
  4. Ruby on Rails • Framework written in Ruby • set

    of functionality to help write web applications – Connecting to the database (ActiveRecord) – Generating HTML (ERB) – Pays attention to security – … and so much more! • Model View Controller • You write in Ruby
  5. Bento Box Exercise • jQuery • Django • Unicorn •

    PHP • Python • XML • Java • MongoDB
  6. Logic Storage Infrastructure CSS HTML JavaScript Web Application Landscape Bootstrap

    XML DOM jQuery Ruby on Rails Sqlite Unicorn WEBrick MongoDB Ruby PHP Python Django Java
  7. Where to go from here? • I gather resources here,

    such as: – http://pragtob.github.io/rails-beginner-cheatsheet/ – http://ruby.railstutorial.org/ – http://rubymonk.com/ – http://www.codeschool.com/courses/rails-for-zombies – http://rubykoans.com/ – http://railscasts.com/ • Rails Girls Berlin project groups