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Functioning Among Humans

Functioning Among Humans

In the development world most people are striving for technical excellence: better code, faster run times, more convenient interfaces, better databases… But is that really what helps us create better software?

In the end software development is done by groups of people creating products together. To do that communication and collaboration are essential. You can be the best programmer ever, but if you can’t efficiently work with others what good does it do you?

This talk will introduce you to relevant, easy to grasp concepts of collaboration and communication as well as give you food for thought.

Tobias Pfeiffer

July 04, 2019

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  1. “Hard” Skills

  2. “Soft” Skills

  3. What’s more important?

  4. “Hard” programmers

  5. Poison for the team

  6. Achieve as a team

  7. Leadership at every level

  8. Lead by example

  9. Functioning Among Humans Tobias Pfeiffer @PragTob pragtob.info

  10. Everything I want everyone who works in groups to know

    (that fits into 20-30 minutes) Tobias Pfeiffer @PragTob pragtob.info
  11. Best of Mix

  12. Empathy

  13. Empathy as a core value

  14. Thank you!

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you!

  17. Always the code, never the person

  18. Remember?

  19. Convincing People

  20. Admit you don’t know

  21. Admit you don’t know Ask!

  22. Motivation

  23. Theory X & Theory Y

  24. You, according to Theory X

  25. Theory Y

  26. Theory X & Theory Y

  27. Theory X & Theory Y

  28. Theory X & Theory Y

  29. Motivation/Hygiene

  30. Daniel Pink: Drive

  31. Autonomy

  32. Mastery

  33. Purpose

  34. Autonomy Mastery Purpose

  35. Effective communication

  36. Conveyance

  37. Conveyance

  38. Convergence

  39. Convergence

  40. Convergence

  41. Convergence

  42. Convergence

  43. Meetings

  44. PR Reviews

  45. PR Reviews

  46. Feedback

  47. in private

  48. in private concrete

  49. in private concrete objective

  50. in private concrete objective impact

  51. in private concrete objective impact wish

  52. Takeaway

  53. Soft Skills Matter

  54. Soft Skills Matter Empathy

  55. Soft Skills Matter Empathy Reflect

  56. Thank you!

  57. Functioning Among Humans Tobias Pfeiffer @PragTob pragtob.info