Elixir & Phoenix – Fast, Concurrent and Explicit

Elixir & Phoenix – Fast, Concurrent and Explicit

Key takeaways

What are Elixir and Phoenix? What makes them standout among programming languages and frameworks?
Why would I want to use Functional Programming, what are the benefits and why does it work so well for the web?
How capable is Erlang (Whatsapp example) performance and reliability wise and why would I consider it for a project?
How does explicitness help in system design?

Elixir and Phoenix are known for their speed, but that’s far from their only benefit. Elixir isn’t just a fast Ruby and Phoenix isn’t just Rails for Elixir. Through pattern matching, immutable data structures and new idioms your programs can not only become faster but more understandable and maintainable. This talk will take a look at what’s great, what you might miss and augment it with production experience and advice.


Tobias Pfeiffer

November 07, 2019