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Data Science on Your iPad

Data Science on Your iPad

The iPad is way more than just a fancy content consumption device with a big screen.
If utilized in the right way, it can become an indispensable creative tool, which could turn a boring daily commute into an active learning or productivity session. In this presentation, I wanted to share some of my experience using an iPad to run data science experiments on the go. In particular, I have listed a few of the applications I have found to be useful. I know from first hand that directly searching for those on the App Store could be a challenge, so I hope that my small contribution would help give others a bit of a head start.

Preslav Rachev

August 09, 2018

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  1. Data Science on Your iPad Preslav Rachev @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  2. Opening Notes • This is not going to be an

    in-depth technical talk • I will share my experience with a few iOS apps. • most of which paid (because they deserve it) • but I'm not affiliated with their sales in any way • I'm just a happy customer! @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  3. Why the iPad? • The iPad may no no longer

    be the latest cool gadget • But a serious form factor, used by more and more professionals • Lightweight • Versatile • Always-On • Less multitasking => less distraction / more immersion @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  4. We spend so much time commuting, or in some form

    of travel We might as well use it for something creative StarSceptre: The iOS game that was coded entirely on an iPad ! @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  5. Coding on an iPad? @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  6. Coding on an iPad1 App Name Languages Pythonista 3 Python

    2/3 Codea Lua Continuous C# / F# .NET iRstudio R Analyser Python Playgrounds Swift NOTE: In 2017, Apple allowed the sharing and downloading of executable code on iOS devices, for teaching, learning and personal development purposes. 1 Links to all apps listed, are provided at the end of the slideshow @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  7. Pythonista @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  8. Pythonista • Fully featured support for both Python 2 and

    Python 3 • Excellent documentation, keyboard extensions, and code completion • Has an integrated debugger, a property inspector, and its own REPL-like console • Provides extensions for writing GUIs and communication with other apps on your device @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  9. https://youtu.be/UYIZlqQPusw @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  10. Pythonista • Comes pre-packed with a ton of libraries we

    love and use every day • NumPy, Matplotlib, Requests, BeatufulSoup, etc • Yet lacks some of our favourites, due to Apple's restrictions2: • Pandas, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, and unfortunately, TensorFlow 2 I remain optimistic that we will see many of those included in future releases of the app @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  11. Pythonista • Is great for quickly scrapping ideas, and doing

    exploratory data analysis.3 • Is absolutely indispensable when learning new concepts. • be those Python, or math / science-related. • The added GUI and extension capabilities allow for creating entire iOS applications using Python 3 I am running most of my early-stage exploratory analysis on cryptocurrency pricing directly in Pythonista @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  12. @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  13. https://youtu.be/a7QcX4Ke3Hc @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  14. What about Jupyter? @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  15. Jupyter is the best but... @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  16. ...is not really made for a mobile/tablet browser @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me),

  17. I wish, there were a native app that could bring

    Jupyter to the mobile world @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  18. A word about Computable Now completely open-source. @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  19. Juno to the rescue! @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  20. Juno Juno is a slick, brand new, native iOS client

    for working with Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab instances. Will easily connect to your self-hosted Jupyter server, or to a cloud-provided Jupyter VM (e.g. Azure, CoCalc, and many more coming soon) Supports Binder. @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  21. https://youtu.be/6QNFi4EIz6U @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  22. Other notable apps Purpose Apps Taking Notes and Documenting Quiver,

    iAWriter, Bear, FSNotes Source Control Working Copy SSH and Terminal Emulation Termius, Prompt @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  23. Thank You! @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018

  24. App Links (1/2) Pythonista 3 Codea Continuous iRstudioAnalyser Playgrounds Juno

    Computable @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018
  25. App Links (2/2) Quiver iAWriter Bear FSNotes Working Copy Termius

    Prompt @preslavrachev (https://preslav.me), 2018