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information design

information design

a brief look at information design and its importance for user-centred design


Prisca Schmarsow

March 20, 2012


  1. i information design

  2. de!inition: information design [referred to as ID throughout this presentation]

    according to Information design is the skill and practice of preparing information so people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness. Where the data is complex or unstructured, a visual representation can express its meaning more clearly to the viewer. information design != information architecture Information design aims to transform data into information and focuses on making it usable and understandable to a wide audience via visual/aural representation. Information architecture aims for good usability by defining the structural design to organise, label and access information.
  3. early information design Spot map of cholera outbreak - by

    John Snow, published 1850s
  4. Chart of Napoleon’s 1812 Russian campaign - by Charles Minard,

    published 1869
  5. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information Edward R. Tu!te

  6. from early interface icons

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  9. to complex real time data visualisations

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  11. and interactive presentations

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  13. colour in ID ‣ greyscale graphics or desaturated colours o#ten

    work best ! topic related associations could in!luence di!ferent interpretations ‣ neutral shades are less likely to influence user perception ! best used when impartiality and objectivity are important ‣ well designed colour scheme with limited colours = most comprehensive to a wider audience ! with a limited number of colours - information can be colour coded and/or its meaning emphasized and enhanced
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  15. icons & text grouped The Virtual Water Project information

    enhanced by use of colour
  16. What goes in and out of HYDRAULIC FRACTURING

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  18. visual references in ID ‣ simplified graphic elements make information

    accessible to wider audience ! consider target group ‣ line, shape and contrast for clarity and easy understanding ! style of visuals to !it subject matter as well as audience ‣ size/proportion, position and grouping adds additional meaning ! be mindful when placing visuals and textual information Keep Britain Tidy, Campaign poster (1963) - Tom Eckersley
  19. SEED Magazine/Covers, graphs and feature spreads, issues 18, 19, 20,

    21, & 22
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  25. accessibility through ID interaction ‣ clear sign posting for better

    wayfinding ! clear labels for all information ‣ language, visual style and functions presented in harmony & clarity ! considered approach to information presentation for best usability & accessibility ‣ UI design vital factor in usability as well as user-friendliness ! form design can greatly improve UX as well as accessibility = better results
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  27. ‣ simplified structure of options for easier understanding ! consider

    both subject matter & target group Food Lovers - recipe finder Recipe nder pinapple cake muf n tart icecream candy bananas apples pears cherries Food Lovers - recipe finder Recipe nder Fruit Sweets ‣ grouping of visual and textual information for widest audience ! illustration of options clari!ies and emphasizes information
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  30. image credits: • Apple icons by Susan Kare • video

    stills from Out of the box, by vitamins design • Spot map of cholera outbreak - by John Snow, published 1850s, via wikimedia • Charles Minard's 1869 chart, via wikimedia • photo: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tu#te, by Iwan Gabovitch • photo: Edward Tu#te, via wikimedia • infographic: Transparency: The Most Committed Crimes in the Country on • infographic (poster): The Virtual Water Project - • Keep Britain Tidy Campaign poster (1963) - Tom Eckersley • SEED Magazine/Covers, graphs and feature spreads, • infographic: ‘no more fish in the sea’, via Transparency: Where Are All the Fish? on • infographic: ‘Startup Ecosystem: Predator vs. Prey’, by • accessibility graphics, created for Inclusive New Media Design site references • CNN #COP17 ecosphere project • What goes in and out of HYDRAULIC FRACTURING - • huffduffer • Christian Sparrow
  31. Prisca Schmarsow @prisca_eyedea