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Built to scale: product marketing at Uber

Built to scale: product marketing at Uber


  1. Six Lessons 01 Recognize Opportunity 02 Define Your Vision 03

    Find the Right People 04 Create Infrastructure 05 Build Relationships 06 Share Your Impact
  2. 100M Monthly Active Platform Users 700 Cities in 65 countries

    10B+ Total trips 1.7B Trips in Q2 2019 alone 15M Trips every day ~4M Active Drivers Globally What does Uber scale mean?
  3. Who is it for? Uber Product Marketing Approach What value

    does it deliver? How will users discover it? INSIGHTS & DEFINITION GO-TO-MARKE T STRATEGY How to Drive Adoption? LAUNCH GROWTH PRD PLAYBOOK IDEA
  4. We are left-brained and right-brained We are the voice of

    the user to product, and the voice of the product to users We build for business impact Uber PMM Values
  5. Evidence-Based Hiring • Past experience working together • Homework assignment

    • Live strategy jams • Portfolio review • Phone screens • Behavioral interviews MORE IMPORTANT LESS IMPORTANT
  6. PM PMM Eng Data Science Design Prod Ops Policy Regional

    Marketing Teams Comms Product Team Shared OKRs UX Research BD Cross-Functional Working Model
  7. PMM Org • Develop Cohesive Customer Strategies • Share Best

    Practices • Maintain and Elevate Quality Standards • Support Learning and Career Development • Share Results and Impact with the Company • Build Community
  8. Key Relationship Pillars • Customer Obsession • Inclusive Roadmap Planning

    • Shared Team Ownership of OKRs • Experimentation Mentality Marketing Community Product Community • Insight-Driven • Love of the Craft • Clear Roles & Responsibilities • Critique and Peer Learning