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Developing a product marketing strategy for mobile apps

Developing a product marketing strategy for mobile apps


  1. • Born on Halloween • Raised in Paris • Live

    in Brooklyn • Previously Amazon and Zendesk • Now: Product Marketing @ Etsy
  2. 1. Shopping journeys are complex 2. Most Etsy buyers are

    on mobile 3. Native = a better shopping experience 4. Apps make it easier to stay top of mind
  3. The shopping journey is getting more and more complex. You

    can’t focus exclusively on desktop or the app.
  4. Most Etsy buyers are on mobile. 58% of Etsy GMS

    is done on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone.
  5. 1. Build the right infrastructure 2. Prioritize based on impact

    3. Identify the right users for the app 4. Find the right moment for app promotion
  6. You need impact with numbers you trust before you can

    justify any investment in growth.
  7. ➔ Understand what incremental value you get from a user

    who downloaded the app (vs. a similar user who didn’t) to understand your ROI. ➔ Understand what incremental value you get based on different acquisition channels (organic vs. paid).
  8. This is a daily ritual for me, as a bride

    planning her wedding.” “I was on my long commute.
  9. 87% of people say they can be loyal to a

    brand without having its app on their phone. 53% of smartphone users say they do not have their favorite brand’s app installed on their phone.
  10. 1. Update your app store assets regularly 2. Optimize your

    app store presence 3. Add a (good) promotional video 4. Manage reviews and user feedback 5. Nurture relationships w/ Apple & Google
  11. On average, mobile apps lose 77% of their DAUs within

    the first 3 days after install. In the next 30 days, that number jumps to 90%.