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There's a bot for that

There's a bot for that

In the last few years this world went crazy for sure. My apologies, this talk won't be about pokemons, although I have some thoughts to spread. It feels like everyone nowadays is into speaking and writing about conversational interfaces and building chat bots, stating that this is what's our future. But how do the end users perceive it? Are the chat bots at least a little useful? What are the use cases for the conversational interfaces? Are there any technical or user experience challenges in building a chat bot?


Ilya Pukhalski

August 27, 2016

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  1. There is an app for that @pukhalski a bot

  2. @pukhalski

  3. - Prerequisites of chatbot-boom - What is chatbot? - Where

    do they inhabit? - Possibilities - Conversational UX - Bot as a product
  4. Mobile is dominating

  5. Users spend most of time in apps

  6. Most of time in messengers

  7. Messengers > social networks By MAU,

  8. Multichannel -> Omnichannel

  9. New channels grow fast

  10. New channels grow fast

  11. New channels grow fast

  12. New channels grow fast

  13. What is a chatbot? In heaven, it's all they talk

    about, the bots ...
  14. Chatbot a computer program which conducts an intelligent conversation with

    one or more human users via auditory or textual methods.
  15. Eliza aka “Tell me more” bot, 1966 ME: Jesus. ELIZA:

    Tell me more about that.
  16. Alice aka “Dodge a question” bot, 1995 judge: Hi. What

    do you know about AI? ALICE: Hi there! I'll come back to that later. judge: When exactly? ALICE: Time does not exist. judge: Okay. Tell me more about JavaScript ALICE: I see. Are you a man or woman?
  17. SmarterChild aka Sex Bot, 2001

  18. Watson aka “Bullshit” bot, 2010

  19. Microsoft Tay, 2016

  20. Microsoft Tay aka “Heil!” bot, 24 hours after

  21. Chatbot a computer program which conducts an intelligent conversation with

    one or more human users via auditory or textual methods
  22. Habitats of the chatbot - Standalone - Dedicated native apps

    - SMS-based - Web-based - Over the top (OTT)
  23. OTT chatbot platforms

  24. OTT chatbot platforms, if you know the tricks

  25. Technical possibilities do really differ for each of the platforms

  26. Custom keyboards, suggestions, reply options

  27. Sharing location, contact

  28. Rich templates - Buttons - Receipts - Airline-related - Itinerary

    - Checkin - Boarding Pass - Flight Update
  29. None
  30. None
  31. Audience somehow differs from platform to platform

  32. None
  33. Why does Microsoft, Facebook and others so heavily invest into

  34. None
  35. Lumia sales drop constantly

  36. None
  37. Bot is an app inside an app Today’s chatbots don’t

    pretend to replace humans, they pretend to replace some apps.
  38. Conversational UX Chat is a natural interface, although it's the

    most difficult to design
  39. Conversational UI is a spoken or written way of interacting

    with a device.
  40. Conversational UI - almost no or no UI - no

    need to teach how to use - works everywhere OOTB - low-bandwidth - censorship hole
  41. UX principles for conversational UI

  42. Onboarding - state clearly about what bot does and what

    it doesn't - always offer "help" command - onboarding message should not take more than one screen of text #1
  43. Users always desire a bot to be as clever as

    a human, if it, at least, tries to hold a conversation #2
  44. It's ok for the chatbot to be dumb Conversation is

    not a necessary feature
  45. Utilize the power of hybrid conversational interfaces. Templates, buttons, keyboards,

    media #3
  46. None
  47. None
  48. If your bot pretends to be as smart as a

    human, make sure it actually is #4
  49. Otherwise switch to HI instead of AI Or make a

    mix of both
  50. Ton of voice and personality do really matter #5

  51. None
  52. None
  53. We do lot of misspells and mistypes Arguably, we type

    like shit #6
  54. None
  55. User context matters Remember the data about the user Show

    menu if it’s possible #7
  56. Good bot as a good app is single-purpose Don’t try

    to make a swiss knife out of it #8
  57. Bots have a limited number of use cases Same as

    mobile apps do #9
  58. We've learned so far - Bot !== AI - Most

    of the bots are useless - Tech possibilities are limited - User expectations are high - Bots won't disappear - Good conversational UX is challenging
  59. Chatbot Ecosystem

  60. The bot economy is growing faster than the app economy

    did Source
  61. Discoverability of chatbots is still an issue Bot stores, QR-codes,

    landing pages and links
  62. Official bot stores

  63. Official bot stores

  64. Official bot stores

  65. Unofficial bot stores

  66. Messenger has no store yet The only possibility to discover

    a chatbot is to google it or go to an unofficial bot store. “Installation” via direct link or QR-code.
  67. Submission Review Process …or content control is rare

  68. Bots need platform and device integrations In-bot payments, contacts, calendar,

    accelerometer, location…
  69. Baby steps… Telegram: location tracking, contacts Messenger: payments (US beta

    via Stripe)
  70. Bots need to be extendable …in terms of hybrid UI

  71. Telegram Gaming Platform 1.0

  72. Messenger Webview Extensions Embeds SDK into a webview

  73. Still lack of tooling and infrastructure

  74. Still lack of tooling and infrastructure

  75. None
  76. None
  77. None
  78. None
  79. Building a bot without coding is like cooking with a

  80. None
  81. None
  82. None
  83. Bot is a product

  84. Analyze UX Visualize Code Test Release

  85. Analyze UX Script Code Test Release

  86. None
  87. Chatbots become a part of omnichannel business model It’s time

    to start thinking about your bot strategy
  88. None