Planning and Tending the Garden: The Future of Early Childhood Python Education by Kurt Grandis

Planning and Tending the Garden: The Future of Early Childhood Python Education by Kurt Grandis

Interest and activity in computing education is on the rise. Other language communities and projects have stepped up to promote early childhood programming. What tools are available for teaching Python? How do they compare?

This talk aims to discuss current trends, examine the current education landscape, question our goals as a community, and discuss opportunities for growing young developers.


PyCon 2013

March 15, 2013


  1. The Future of Early Childhood Python Education Kurt Grandis PyCon

  2. What is this all about?

  3. Militarizing Your Backyard, Oh My!

  4. None
  5. Militarizing Your Backyard, Oh My! Lesson Learned: People Don't Care

    For: Squirrels Deer Raccoons Bears Heron Kids Rabbits ...
  6. How Can I Get My Child Involved?

  7. Me... • I shoot squirrels • Educational technology • Neurobiologist

    • Active community outreach • 2 young kids = home laboratory (lax ethical review board) • I like to build things and teach others to....
  8. Let's Start...

  9. Robots...

  10. Sweet. Let's Build a Robot • Give kids the ability

    to directly control the robot ◦ type and issue commands ◦ immediate feedback and execution • Ability to manipulate or alter the environment Let's build it...
  11. 1969 Called...

  12. Build a Turtle Today > car.forward(10) > car.right(45) > forward(10)

    > right(45) > circle(10)
  13. Lego Mindstorms nxt-python pynxc • Mobility • Sensors • Graspers

    • Coooool EV3...
  14. Robot Simulator? • That's still pretty expensive • I have

    to build something? with my hands?! Programming/Logic Simulator Games • Robot Odyssey • Rocky's Boots • Omega • RobotWar
  15. RoboMind

  16. Enough with the Robots...

  17. None
  18. TurtleBlocks

  19. Games "Game First" Development Compelling example to modify

  20. Games with PyGame Katie Cunningham's Rogue Series Al

    Sweigart's Pygame Book
  21. Traditional Programming Tutorials

  22. Traditional Programming Tutorials

  23. Python Programming Books Invent Your Own Computer Games With Python

    - Al Sweigart Python For Kids A Playful Introduction to Programming - Jason R Briggs
  24. Python Programming Books Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and

    Other Other Beginners - Warren and Carter Sande
  25. Computational Thinking Computer Independent Problem-Solving Skills • Decomposition • Pattern

    Recognition • Abstractions • Algorithm Design
  26. How Young?

  27. Ideas? What Can We Do?

  28. Python-Based Scratch-Like Environment

  29. Python-based RoboMind-like Simulator

  30. Questions? Ideas @kgrandis