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From Fun to Business - How Open Source can Change Your Life by Lasse Schuirmann

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October 06, 2017

From Fun to Business - How Open Source can Change Your Life by Lasse Schuirmann

coala is an Open Source project with >>400 contributors and more than 50 Google Summer of Code applications this year. What’s behind it? How did it all start? What is the secret sauce to its growth and how do we make a living of it? This talk tells our story with the key takeaways and provides a top level story driven insight on those and more topics. This talk is perfect for people who want to live and work for their own ideas rather than being a gear in a machine.

coala began as a fun project. We never believed there would be anything useful growing out of it - and yet it did. Contributors all over the world came to us and helped creating the community as it is. Eventually I became a freelancer and got funding for working on a startup based on coala.

How did all of this happen? What does this mean for the main contributors? How can we make a living of an open source project?

This talk tells our story. What we did - good and bad things - so we all can learn from it. From my personal open source contributions over founding an open source project to building a freelance agency and founding a startup.

Participants will learn how they can grow an open project, automate newcomer processes and gain insights into how they can start making a living of it, possibly founding a company eventually. There is no single recipe for this but we can - and should - exchange the tips and tricks we’ve gained with our ventures. This talk is for entrepreneurs, wanna-be-freelancers and future or open source project founders and contributors.


Pycon ZA

October 06, 2017


  1. Hi there :)

  2. From Fun to Business

  3. Open Source Freelancing Startupping

  4. YAFOS

  5. GSoC

  6. They were fun! I learned a lot!

  7. coala.io

  8. coala finds code problems and fixes them as well :)

  9. CSS- Lint PyLint Clang Check- style Custom Atom Gedit ...

    CLI CI GitHub JSON
  10. CSS- Lint PyLint Clang Check- style Custom Atom Gedit ...

    CLI CI GitHub JSON
  11. Analysis for >60 Languages (lost count)

  12. [all] ignore = .git/**, **.o [all.C] bears = CSecurityBear, GNUIndentBear

    files = **.c [all.Python] bears = PEP8Bear, PyUnusedCodeBear files = **.py
  13. $ coala Executing section Default... Executing section C... Executing section

    Python... 0 $ :)
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  15. A Few Guidelines Which Work

  16. Issue Levels “If I hadn’t had a newcomer task, I

    would have worked on the Linux Kernel.”
  17. Write Newcomer Documentation “You just need it.”

  18. Respond fast “Quick responses for me was the thing.”

  19. Allow Non Code Discussions “I really enjoy how we support

    each other and the fact that we don't only discuss on programming”
  20. Let Code be Reviewed “By giving reviews I've learnt to

    pickup issues in my code before the commit in the first place.”
  21. Ask for Feedback! “What made coala friendly was the eagerness

    to talk and help, and most of all asking for opinions from newcomers.”
  22. Grow “Like a Startup”

  23. The Existential Question

  24. osbusiness.viperdev.io

  25. viperdev.io

  26. GitMate.io

  27. Automate!

  28. None
  29. Finding the Overlap

  30. This Sucks :)

  31. None
  32. A Solution Interview

  33. Feedback Loop

  34. None
  35. dailydrip.com

  36. Keep the Fun GitMate is Open Source

  37. Summary: - Allow Failures, Change Ideas - Loop the Feedback

    - Keep the Fun! - You can do it!
  38. Have More Fun! Lasse Schuirmann, @LSchuirmann, sils on GitHub lasse@GitMate.io