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Preparing for the great snakes migration by Heather Williams

Pycon ZA
October 09, 2020

Preparing for the great snakes migration by Heather Williams

A Lightning Talk at PyCon ZA 2020

Pycon ZA

October 09, 2020

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  1. Great snakes migration
    Upgrading from python 2 to python 3
    By Heather Williams

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  2. The Problem
    ● A large codebase
    ● Around 3 000 python files used to generate questions on a website
    ● Monolith disguised as microservices

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  3. Solution: Walled gardens
    ● Make the monolith a true monolith
    ● Identify the real microservices
    ● Docker all the things
    ● Walled garden around the python files for questions

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  4. Solution: automate it
    Python 2to3 is a great tool

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  5. Solution: requirements files
    ● Remove unnecessary dependencies
    ● Upgrade out of date dependencies
    ● Note what needs python 3 to upgrade

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  6. Great snakes migration
    Take the plunge and do it!

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