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Open Source Collaboration with Git and GitHub

Open Source Collaboration with Git and GitHub

Super simple introduction to the concepts of Git and how to use GitHub.

Given to the RIT Society of Software Engineers in 2009. http://sse.se.rit.edu/

Nick Quaranto

January 12, 2012

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  1. whoami • 4th Year Software Engineering Major • From Buffalo

    – Snow is awesome – Go Bills • Rubyist • GitHub Blogger
  2. I'm an egoistical bastard, and I name all my projects

    after myself. First Linux, now git. -Linus Torvalds
  3. History • BitKeeper debacle • Design Goals: – CVS as

    an example of what not to do – Distributed workflow – Strong safeguards against corruption – Very high performance • In development since 2005
  4. The downsides • Complexity • Windows FTL • What's an

    IDE? • Unreadable source • Needs some maintenance
  5. +

  6. =

  7. How to Contribute 1. Fork a repository at GitHub 2.

    Clone and connect your local repository 3. Write tests, implement functionality 4. Commit your local changes 5. Push your changes to your fork 6. Make a pull request 7. Profit!!
  8. git log • Kudos to Scott Chacon who made –

    http://git-scm.com – http://whygitisbetterthanx.com • And to Michael Hartl – for Building the Insoshi Social Network • Wikipedia too. [email protected] http://litanyagainstfear.com