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Computer Graphics : Part 2

Computer Graphics : Part 2


May 08, 2015

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  1. What is computer graphics? • Representation and display of image

    data • Concerned with mathematical and computational aspects of displaying and representing images • Not concerned with design/aesthetics
  2. The Graphics Pipeline • Vertex transformation: Translation, rotation, scaling, projection

    • Clipping and rasterization, hidden surface detection • Per-pixel operations: Lighting, texture mapping • Display finished frame
  3. The Role of the Graphics card • GPU and RAM

    • Used for hardware accelerated graphics computations
  4. The Graphics Processing Unit • Implements the graphics pipeline in

    hardware • Performs vector and matrix operations, clipping, interpolation, rasterization and more • Can simultaneously perform many computations
  5. APIs: OpenGL and Direct3D • Used to command the graphics

    card • Configure graphics pipeline, copy data to video memory, load and run shaders • Low-level