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Freecode camp GCE hands on session

Freecode camp GCE hands on session

This is the material for Hyderabad freecode GCE meetup.

Ronak Kogta

June 04, 2017

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  1. Google Compute Engine Crafting your first application

  2. Hello! Everybody I’ve been working in cloud space for last

    three years Currently, working on Kubernetes I started with working on docker
  3. Develop Locally, build globally Local I know, but build ??

  4. Enter Public Clouds

  5. https://github.com/rarchk/freecode-gce- codelab Before we begin, we have setup a repository

    for you guys
  6. Service Spectrum of GCP

  7. With Exception of… Google Cloud Functions Google Container Engine

  8. Google Compute IaaS
 Compute, Storage &
 Consistent Performance

 Live migration
 Hugely Scalable
  9. Project Region Zone Instance Load Balancer Network Disk Firewall

  10. Network • TCP, UDP and ICMP only • Networks are

    private to a project • Public IP addresses can be static or ephemeral • Private IP addresses are ephemeral and with DNS • Networks fully support Firewall rules, VPN and IP forwarding
  11. Interfaces 1. Cloud Console 2. Cloud SDK 3. REST APIs

  12. Demo Time

  13. Google Container Engine All started with introduction of cgroups and

    namespaces in linux 
 First came lxc, docker, rocket….. 
 Then came swarm, kubernetes 
 In the latest evolution, support for enterprise container networking came in all clouds
  14. Demo Time

  15. – Ronak Kogta “Thank you very much”