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Fast & Fun Audio in Swift

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February 25, 2016

Fast & Fun Audio in Swift

Presented by Aurelius Prochazka at the Swift Language User Group on 02.25.16



February 25, 2016


  1. Fast & Fun Audio In Swift audiokit.io @AudioKitMan github.com/audiokit Aurelius

  2. Fast & Fun Audio In Swift audiokit.io @AudioKitMan github.com/audiokit Aurelius

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  9. Fast & Fun Audio In Swift audiokit.io @AudioKitMan github.com/audiokit Aurelius

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  16. In Conclusion • Sound design is part of interaction design

 — not something added “on top.” • Confirm stakeholder buy-in and integrate sound 
 into the beginning of the design process. • The proper mix of beautiful sound and 
 well-timed silence will make for happier customers. • Take the time to test and tune. 
 When that isn’t possible, deemphasize the correlation. • Don’t let app store reviews rule your life! 
 You will never make everyone happy all the time,
 especially with sound. • When in doubt, leave it out. • Play. Fail. Iterate.
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  30. • Grizzled C/C++ Veterans: 
 Optimize and improve our base

    code • Audio Programmers: 
 Make more nodes and port from other open audio libraries • Swift Trailblazers: 
 Help us try to make audio feel as “Swifty” as possible • Bright-eyed Optimists: 
 We want to see what you dream up • Bloggers / Educators: 
 Help us use playgrounds as a platform for building understanding of audio fundamentals Getting Involved
  31. References / Thanks for Listening • Chuck: http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/ • Csound:

    http://csound.com/ • Faust: http://faust.grame.fr/ • Soundpipe: https://github.com/PaulBatchelor/Soundpipe • Sporth: https://github.com/PaulBatchelor/Sporth • Synthesis Toolkit (STK): https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/stk/ Sources for open-source audio processing algorithms: Other Audio Engines: • The Amazing Audio Engine: http://theamazingaudioengine.com/ • EZAudio: https://github.com/syedhali/EZAudio • Superpowered: http://superpowered.com/ Realm Stuff We Love • Jazzy: https://github.com/realm/jazzy • SwiftLint: https://github.com/realm/SwiftLint objc.io: https://www.objc.io/issues/24-audio/ audiokit.io ericasadun.com