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2017 Green Power Leadership Awards

2017 Green Power Leadership Awards

The annual Green Power Leadership Awards (GPLAs) are competitive awards that recognize outstanding commitments and achievements in the green power marketplace. By choosing green power instead of conventional electricity, consumers, businesses, and organizations can support increased deployment of renewable energy technologies that will reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation and increase energy security. The GPLAs are presented by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at the annual Renewable Energy Markets conference. Learn more at www.greenpowerleadershipawards.com.


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  1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Center for Resource Solutions

  2. Presented by the U.S. EPA Green Power
 Partner Awards

  3. Excellence in Green Power Use

  4. Excellence in Green Power Use Capital One

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  7. “At Capital One, we believe renewable energy is critical to

    developing the green power infrastructure fundamental to addressing climate change. This belief is reflected in our commitment to 100% renewable energy and we are proud to join other leading companies in increasing the global demand for clean energy.” —William “Billy” Baker Vice President of Workplace Solutions
  8. None
  9. Excellence in Green Power Use Clif Bar & Company

  10. “At Clif Bar, we value doing business in a different

    way, with a commitment to Sustaining our Planet as one of our five aspirations that guide our company. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts to support green power use and help build the climate movement among our employees, suppliers, and the public. We are deeply grateful for the leadership and support from our partners at the EPA who have provided us with valuable guidance along this journey.” —Elysa Hammond Vice President of Environmental Stewardship
  11. None
  12. Excellence in Green Power Use Equinix, Inc.

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  16. “As the home for the world’s most interconnected data centers,

    we are committed to powering the digital economy in an environmentally sustainable way. This recognition is an important milestone validating our strategy in the right direction of our long-term goal of using 100% renewable energy.” —David Rinard Sr. Director Global Sustainability
  17. None
  18. Excellence in Green Power Use Google Inc.

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  23. Excellence in Green Power Use Microsoft Corporation

  24. “Microsoft is honored to receive a 2017 EPA Green Power

    Leadership Award in recognition of our efforts to operate a clean, responsible cloud and help accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon energy future. As a company, we are committed to developing advanced energy technologies, investing in greater amounts of renewable energy for our datacenters, and partnering with utilities and policymakers to bring more clean power online in the communities where we operate.” —Kenneth Davies Director of Renewable Energy Strategy
 and Research
  25. None
  26. TOTO USA
 Morrow, Georgia Facility Excellence in Green Power Use

  27. None
  28. “We are honored to be awarded the EPA’s Green Power

    Leadership Award. TOTO is dedicated to helping advance the development of renewable energy markets with our voluntary green power use. Our partnership with Georgia Power enables us to demonstrate both a return on investment with cost-effective electricity and a return on environment with sustainable solar energy.” —Bill Strang President of Operations and eCommerce
  29. None
  30. Excellence in Green Power Use University of California

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  34. “Investment in new clean energy technologies creates jobs and benefits

    local communities, and I am excited about the leadership role that University of California campuses and medical centers are playing in accelerating the transition to renewable energy. We are thankful to receive recognition as a Green Power Leader.” —Janet Napolitano President, University of California
  35. None
  36. Excellence in Green Power Use University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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  38. None
  39. None
  40. “UT is deeply committed to Green Energy. Our student-supported Green

    Fee implemented projects to yearly generate 70,000 kWh of solar power and together with TVA we’ve reduced our GHG Emission profile 45% in the past year. We’re thrilled EPA is recognizing our efforts! And we are just getting started!” —Dave Irvin Associate Vice Chancellor,
 Facilities Services
  41. None
  42. Direct Project Engagement

  43. Amphitheater Public Schools Direct Project Engagement

  44. None
  45. None
  46. None
  47. “As a public school district with a focus on STEM-

    education, we are excited about the real-world laboratory for learning this solar power system provides. By creating such a visible solar energy project at 23 sites, we are demonstrating the viability of clean energy resources to our students, employees, and community.” —Todd A. Jaeger Superintendent
  48. None
  49. Apple Inc. Direct Project Engagement

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  52. None
  53. Intel Corporation Direct Project Engagement

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  55. None
  56. None
  57. None
  58. Iron Mountain Information Management, LLC Direct Project Engagement

  59. “Locking in a long-term, renewable energy supply ensures price stability,

    cost control and savings for Iron Mountain and our customers. Sourcing 100 percent renewable power positions us to meet the growing demand for data center services in a way that is good for business, the environment and our communities.” —Mark Kidd
 Senior Vice President and General Manager
  60. None
  61. Lockheed Martin Corporation Direct Project Engagement

  62. None
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  64. None
  65. “We are honored to be a 2017 Green Power Leadership

    Award Recipient. Focusing on our sustainability goals and finding ways to improve energy efficiency is a business strategy that is good for Lockheed Martin and good for our customers.” —Carol Cala
 Vice President of Energy,
 Environment, Safety, and Health
  66. None
  67. Stanford University Direct Project Engagement

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  70. None
  71. “Electrification plus renewable electricity is the predominant and fast track

    path to efficient, economic, and sustainable energy to power, heat, and cool our nation's buildings. Stanford has chosen this path for all these reasons. We appreciate the EPA's recognition of our efforts and hope it will inspire others to join us on this path to sustainability for ourselves and future generations.” —Joseph Stagner
 Executive Director of Sustainability
 and Energy Management
  72. None
  73. University of Missouri Direct Project Engagement

  74. None
  75. None
  76. None
  77. “Mizzou is honored to be recognized by EPA’s Green Power

    Partnership with this prestigious award. Our innovative energy team has successfully advanced MU’s use of green electricity as part of our sustainability initiatives including an on-site biomass power system fueled with locally sourced wood residues, reinvesting in our state economy.” —Gary Ward
 Vice Chancellor for Operations
 and Student Affairs
  78. None
  79. Victor Valley Wastewater
 Reclamation Authority Direct Project Engagement

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  81. None
  82. None
  83. “Through innovative planning and the hard work of our staff,

    VVWRA is saving an average of more than one million dollars per year in natural gas and electricity costs. The award reaffirms VVWRA’s goal of becoming a completely carbon- and energy- neutral facility.” — Logan Olds
 General Manager
  84. None
  85. Green Power Community
 of the Year

  86. Bainbridge Island,
 Washington Green Power Community of the Year

  87. None
  88. None
  89. None
  90. “The City of Bainbridge Island is proud to be recognized

    as a 2017 Green Power Leader. Our community has a long history of being a pacesetter on environmental stewardship. We stand committed to exploring and implementing innovative strategies that protect our natural environment and conserve our invaluable natural resources.” —Doug Schulze
 City Manager
  91. None
  92. Green Power Partner of the Year

  93. City of Houston, Texas Green Power Partner of the Year

  94. None
  95. None
  96. None
  97. “Harvey and the storms of 2017 have shown the importance

    of building sustainable and resilient cities that can withstand our changing climate. We are proud the EPA has chosen to highlight Houston’s long history of investing in green power. Now more than ever, it is important that cities encourage the growth of renewable energy to reduce air pollution and lessen our carbon footprint.” — Sylvester Turner Mayor, City of Houston
  98. None
  99. L’Oréal USA Green Power Partner of the Year

  100. None
  101. None
  102. None
  103. “We are proud to be named a Green Power Partner

    of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our U.S. Operations teams whose tireless efforts have allowed us to exceed our global carbon reduction goals, and to whom we credit for reaching 100% renewable electricity across all of our U.S. plants and distribution centers.” —Frédéric Rozé Chief Executive Officer
  104. None
  105. Presented by Center for Resource Solutions Market
 Development Awards

  106. Green Power Market Development

  107. Green Power Market Development A Better City

  108. None
  109. None
  110. None
  111. “This initiative highlights how metro Boston’s businesses and institutions are

    leaning forward in the face of climate change. Our city’s leaders are identifying, executing, and propagating innovative, cost-effective, and responsible mitigation investments.” —Rick Dimino
 President and CEO
  112. None
  113. Green Power Market Development Google Inc.

  114. None
  115. None
  116. None
  117. None
  118. Green Power Market Development Pacific Gas & Electric Company

  119. None
  120. None
  121. None
  122. “PG&E’s Solar Choice is all about giving our customers more

    options when it comes to clean energy, and bringing the benefits of solar to our communities. Our customers already enjoy some of the cleanest power in the country. Now, they can directly contribute to bringing more renewable energy onto the electric grid—a win for our customers and for California.” —Aaron Johnson
 Vice President of Customer Energy Solutions
  123. None
  124. Green Power Market Development Rocky Mountain Power

  125. None
  126. None
  127. None
  128. “The Subscriber Solar Program is an innovative way for our

    customers to participate in solar generation in a low cost manner and without installing rooftop panels. The Green Power Leadership Award is significant because it confirms we are moving in the right direction and creating solutions that matter to our customers and to the renewable energy market.” —Gary Hoogeveen
 Senior Vice President
  129. None
  130. Green Power Market Development WGL Energy

  131. None
  132. None
  133. None
  134. “WGL Energy is honored to be recognized for our leadership

    and commitment to the development of the renewable energy market. We are continually striving to bring integrated energy solutions and innovative renewable energy technologies to consumers of all sizes throughout the U.S.” —Dr. Louis Hutchinson
 Chief Revenue Officer
  135. None
  136. International Green Power
 Market Development

  137. International Green Power Market Development Apple Inc.

  138. None
  139. None
  140. None
  141. Leadership in Green
 Power Education

  142. Leadership in Green Power Education Clif Bar & Company

  143. None
  144. None
  145. None
  146. “At Clif Bar, we value doing business in a different

    way, with a commitment to Sustaining our Planet as one of our Five Aspirations that guide our company. We know that education is the foundation for effective action and are honored to be recognized for our efforts to increase awareness of green power and help build the climate movement among our employees, suppliers, and the public. We appreciate the leadership and support from our partners at Center for Resource Solutions and the EPA who have provided us with valuable guidance along this journey.” —Elysa Hammond
 Director of Environmental Stewardship
  147. None
  148. Phipps Conservatory
 and Botanical Gardens Leadership in Green Power Education

  149. None
  150. None
  151. None
  152. “People tend to think that climate change is too monumental

    of a problem for them to make a difference. Offering our visitors simple facts that demonstrate that small actions do make a difference and incentivizing them to make a change makes this a win-win for everybody.” —Richard Piacentini
 Executive Director
  153. None
  154. Leadership in Green Power Education RE-volv

  155. None
  156. None
  157. None
  158. “RE-volv is thrilled to receive this award and to be

    in the company of all the Green Power Leadership Awardees that are galvanizing the clean energy revolution. This is an incredible honor for RE-volv’s staff, Board of Directors, and our Solar Ambassadors who make these solar projects come to life.” —Andreas Karelas
 Founder and Executive Director
  159. None
  160. Green Power Leader of the Year

  161. Jan Pepper
 Peninsula Clean Energy Green Power Leader of the

  162. None
  163. None
  164. None
  165. “Working to make the world a better, cleaner, and more

    sustainable place for us and our children, through the use of renewable energy, has been extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. It is an honor to be recognized by this wonderful organization and to receive this award.” —Jan Pepper
  166. None
  167. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency • Center for Resource Solutions