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Ruby, where are you going?

Ruby, where are you going?

Konstantin Haase

February 07, 2013

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  1. “Second to K&R, the most lagom technical book I’ve read.”

    Peter Cooper (Ruby Inside) Discount Code: AUTHD 50% off ebook ($6.50) 40% off print
  2. 1995 - Yukihiro "Mad Matz" Matsumoto creates Ruby to avert

    some vaguely unspecified apocalypse that will leave Australia a desert run by mohawked warriors and Tina Turner. The language is later renamed Ruby on Rails by its real inventor, David Heinemeier Hansson.
  3. “As an Emacs addict, I needed a language mode, auto-indent

    was a must. So I tried to write experimental ruby-mode.el. Fighting with emacs lisp and regular expression, for almost whole week, I somehow succeeded to implement auto-indentation for a language with ‘end’ delimiters.” “How Emacs changed my Life” Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
  4. New Process Proposed Anyone can propose a feature, needs a

    champion from Ruby Implementers team, needs specification (RubySpec) and documentation, needs consensus
  5. “I am not that positive about having rigid process. And

    I want to make sure as long as I live on this mortal state, you need my approval before adding something as official Ruby. I am not going to stop being the dictator, but I want you guys to participate in the process of improving the language.” Ruby Implementors Meeting, December 2012 Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
  6. MRI

  7. MRI

  8. Kernel VM MRI JRuby Rubinius MagLev Topaz C C Java

    Java Ruby C++ Ruby Smalltalk & C Ruby/Python RPython