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WebSockets: Embracing the real-time Web

WebSockets: Embracing the real-time Web



August 23, 2011

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  1. WEBSOCKETS Embracing the real-time Web Rob Hawkes

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  3. Created by Phil Banks (@emirpprime)

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  5. What are WebSockets? Nothing to do with plugs

  6. Why use WebSockets? They’re pretty cool

  7. Multiplayer Web gaming Communicating between players

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  9. Live streaming content Live and instant updates

  10. Draft-76, Draft-06 & Draft-07 Knowing the difference is important

  11. Browser support Pretty decent, but not ideal

  12. Using WebSockets is easy You gotta love a simple JavaScript

  13. var ws = new WebSocket("ws://");

  14. var ws = new MozWebSocket("ws://");

  15. var ws = new WebSocket("ws://"); ws.onopen = function() { console.log("Connected

    to WebSocket server"); }; ws.onclose = function() { console.log("Disconnected"); }; ws.onmessage = function(msg) { console.log("Message received: "+msg.data); };
  16. var ws = new WebSocket("ws://"); ... ws.send(“Hello, world!”);

  17. var ws = new WebSocket("ws://"); ... ws.close();

  18. WebSockets on the server You need something to connect to

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  20. npm install websocket

  21. var WebSocketServer = require("websocket").server; var http = require("http"); var server

    = http.createServer(function(request, response) {}); server.listen(8080, function() { console.log("Server is listening on port 8080"); }); var ws = new WebSocketServer({ httpServer: server, autoAcceptConnections: true });
  22. ... ws.on("connect", function(conn) { console.log("Connection accepted"); conn.on("message", function(message) { if

    (message.type === "utf8") { console.log("Received Message: "+message.utf8Data); conn.sendUTF(message.utf8Data); }; }); conn.on("close", function(conn) { console.log("Client "+conn.remoteAddress+" disconnected"); }); });
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  24. Fallback for old browsers Now you can support everyone

  25. var io = require("socket.io").listen(8080); io.sockets.on("connection", function (socket) { socket.on("message", function

    (data) { socket.emit(data); }); });
  26. Socket.IO is just awesome It goes beyond the basics

  27. WebSockets gotchas These tripped me up the first time

  28. Using external services You don’t always have to roll your

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  31. What WebSockets needs The future is bright-ish

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  34. THANK YOU Any questions? Rob Hawkes @robhawkes