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Open Web Games using HTML5 & JavaScript

E76911cbe088e5b850d966de3fc7435b?s=47 robhawkes
November 16, 2011

Open Web Games using HTML5 & JavaScript

An overview of the state of game development using open Web technologies.



November 16, 2011

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  1. OPEN WEB GAMES Using HTML5 & JavaScript Rob Hawkes

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  13. The time is now Threshold of something cool

  14. Notable events Important goings-on in HTML5 gaming

  15. Acquisitions HTML5 game engines being bought up

  16. Recruitment HTML5 game developers are wanted

  17. Funding Investing in the pioneers

  18. Conferences Discussing the future of HTML5 games

  19. Browser involvement Providing the tech for HTML5 games

  20. Facebook involvement Bettering performance

  21. Porting hit iOS games Showing HTML5 is more than capable

  22. Existing games Some of the best examples

  23. Quake II

  24. Minecraftian worlds

  25. Freeciv

  26. Rawkets

  27. Angry Birds

  28. Fieldrunners

  29. Created by Phil Banks (@emirpprime)

  30. HTML5 & JavaScript What is all the fuss about?

  31. Open technologies Anyone can view the source code

  32. Free technologies Free to use. Free to develop with

  33. Plugin-less No more reliance on third-party software

  34. No compilation Save time with development and testing

  35. Interoperable They are built to work across platforms

  36. Cross-browser support Most major features are supported

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  38. Full compatibility Not all browsers support everything

  39. No DRM It goes against these technologies

  40. Technology Behind the scenes of HTML5 games

  41. Canvas 2D graphics platform

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  43. WebGL 3D graphics platform

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  47. HTML5 audio Sound effects and background music

  48. None
  49. WebSockets Multiplayer communication

  50. Node.js Game logic and network communication

  51. Local storage Storing data on the player device

  52. Full Screen API Simple, yet powerful

  53. Gamepad API Bringing the console to the Web

  54. None
  55. Mouse Lock API Locking the cursor in one place

  56. Web applications Not just a fancy website

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  58. None
  59. Offline assets Who needs the Internet anyway

  60. App-like experience Run from the desktop or home screen

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  62. None
  63. Game engines Create HTML5 games today

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  65. None
  66. None
  67. The future This is just the beginning

  68. Rob Hawkes Rawkets.com HTML5 & WebSockets game Twitter sentiment analysis

    Delving into your soul RECENT PROJECTS Rawkes.com Personal website and blog MORE COOL STUFF jsCraft Minecraft port to JavaScript Rawket Scientist Technical Evangelist at Mozilla @robhawkes
  69. THANK YOU Any questions? Rob Hawkes @robhawkes