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NodeBots: Sight with Sound

NodeBots: Sight with Sound

An introduction to NodeBots and a look at the first decisions behind BatBot, the latest rockbot robot :-)

Video on slide 36 can be found here: http://youtu.be/BLi_kCEfZaI
Code for BatBot can be found here: https://github.com/rockbot/vektor/tree/master/sonar-scan

Video of the whole presentation here: http://youtu.be/SssnWZzLGvo


Raquel Vélez

October 03, 2013

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  1. NodeBots It’s Time. Brought to you by @rockbot

  2. Mobile Research & Development Team

  3. What’s a NodeBot?

  4. node.js + robots = NodeBots

  5. Matthew Bergman @fotoverite

  6. Matthew Bergman @fotoverite

  7. Susan Hinton @suziam

  8. Matthew Bergman @fotoverite

  9. Matthew Bergman @fotoverite

  10. Tracy Abrahms @hackygolucky

  11. But... JavaScript?!

  12. Yes! JavaScript!! You already know JavaScript No need for a

    PhD No compiling Open Source FTW $-$$ (not $$$$$) You, me, and all our friends
  13. The NodeBot Revolution

  14. Chris Williams @voodootikigod node-serialport Julian Gautier @jagautier firmata Rick Waldron

    @rwaldron johnny-five ➜ ➜
  15. None
  16. NodeBots Day

  17. NodeBots Meetups

  18. NodeBots Book

  19. NodeBots ALL THE THINGS

  20. Ok, what’s next?

  21. Now we make them smarter.

  22. vektor

  23. Let’s Do It Together!

  24. Sight with Sound Introducing: BatBot!

  25. Goal: Identify Potential Obstacles How far away and in what

    direction are they?
  26. Sensors Give your robot information about its environment

  27. Sensor Options Quality Price Level of Difficulty Stereo Camera Pair

    ++++ $$ !!! LADAR/ LIDAR ++(+) $$$$ ! SONAR + $ !
  28. Sensor Options Quality Price Level of Difficulty Stereo Camera Pair

    ++++ $$ !!! LADAR/ LIDAR ++(+) $$$$ ! SONAR + $ !
  29. Our SONAR

  30. SOund Navigation And Ranging

  31. The Sonar Datasheet

  32. Add a Servo for a Bit of Perspective 180º 165º

    Field of View
  33. Field of View

  34. Ohai BatBot!

  35. Demo Time!

  36. None
  37. What’s left?

  38. BatBot: To Do List Move! Upgrade sensor for more granularity

    Wireless communication Object avoidance Automated path planning Add computer vision
  39. Now, it’s YOUR turn!

  40. What will YOU build?

  41. Raquel Vélez @rockbot http://rckbt.me raquel@saucelabs.com