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Coping With The Broken Web

Rodney Rehm
October 25, 2013

Coping With The Broken Web

A talk on testing browsers


Rodney Rehm

October 25, 2013

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  1. Think of it as a guided, collaborative combination of caniuse.com

    quirksmode.org all those independet support tables
  2. • identify and fix legal issues (who owns tests) •

    moving to github in progress • extract meta data from specifications for test coverage analysis and linking
  3. • centralize test efforts across WGs • run tests in

    cloud and collect data • to build compatibility tables • show browser support in specifications, WebPlatform.org, anywhere
  4. • use github for reviewing test suites • integrate adding

    tests into WebPlatform.org • make submitting bugs off a test dead simple • painless local development environment
  5. When the web is not doing what you want it

    to, fight back, WRITE TESTS! Me, I think
  6. Recap • if you write tests, use the W3C Infrastructure,

    avoid proprietary things • don‘t wait for W3C to get their testing sorted completely, have some fun now* * good for HTML5 APIs already!