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But what about email?

October 02, 2014

But what about email?

My talk about the email QA process for Digital QA Summit 2014 in Chicago. Goes over the importance of email, the countless ways email breaks, and how to test everything to keep your subscribers happy.


October 02, 2014

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  1. But what about email?

  2. #digitalqasummit Jason Rodriguez @rodriguezcommaj

  3. Who cares about email?

  4. #digitalqasummit EMAIL IS DEAD

  5. None
  6. #digitalqasummit 2.4 Billion email users in 2013 radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Email-Market-2013-2017-Executive-Summary.pdf

  7. #digitalqasummit 182 Billion emails sent per day radicati.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Email-Market-2013-2017-Executive-Summary.pdf

  8. #digitalqasummit ROI by Channel EMAIL $44.25 SEARCH $22.24 DISPLAY $19.72

    SOCIAL $12.90 CATALOG $7.30
  9. None
  10. #digitalqasummit Can you afford to ignore email?

  11. What needs testing?

  12. #digitalqasummit WHAT MOST PEOPLE FEAR

  13. #digitalqasummit WHAT EMAIL MARKETERS FEAR

  14. #digitalqasummit I’M LOSING MY MIND

  15. #digitalqasummit TOP 10 EMAIL CLIENTS #1 Apple iPhone #2 Gmail

    #3 Apple iPad #4 Outlook #5 Apple Mail #6 Google Android #7 Outlook.com #8 Yahoo! Mail #9 Windows Live Mail #10 AOL Mail emailclientmarketshare.com
  16. #digitalqasummit DON’T FORGET ABOUT MOBILE

  17. #digitalqasummit 51% of emails opened on mobile in 2013 litmus.com/blog/email-client-market-share-where-people-opened-in-2013

  18. #digitalqasummit That’s nice, but what can go wrong?

  19. Common Rendering Issues

  20. Broken Layouts

  21. #digitalqasummit

  22. #digitalqasummit The Usual Suspects Desktop Lotus Notes Outlook 2007-2013 Gmail

    Mobile Gmail App Android Clients Windows Phone
  23. Missing Images

  24. #digitalqasummit

  25. #digitalqasummit 43% of Gmail users have images disabled litmus.com/blog/gmail-data-analysis-reveals-image-blocking-affects-43-of-emails

  26. #digitalqasummit

  27. #digitalqasummit

  28. Blue Links

  29. #digitalqasummit Blue Links and Design

  30. #digitalqasummit Blue Links and Usability

  31. Mobile Layouts

  32. #digitalqasummit

  33. #digitalqasummit Android Screen Sizes iOS Screen Sizes

  34. iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus

  35. Other Problems

  36. Broken Links

  37. #digitalqasummit Ever type one of these? goole.com faceboook.com twitter.om dribble.com

  38. #digitalqasummit Imagine sending those links to 2 million subscribers…

  39. Color Blindness & Contrast

  40. #digitalqasummit 5% of the population is color blind campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/4267/color-blindness-accessibility-and-the-vision-impaired-in-email-design

  41. #digitalqasummit campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/4267/color-blindness-accessibility-and-the-vision-impaired-in-email-design

  42. #digitalqasummit

  43. Spam Filters

  44. #digitalqasummit Spam will always be an issue

  45. #digitalqasummit Server-side filters Barracuda MessageLabs Postini SpamAssassin ISP Filters AOL

    Mail Gmail GMX Mail.com Outlook Yahoo! Mail
  46. Make Email Testing the Default

  47. #digitalqasummit Integrate Email Testing From The Start

  48. Tools for QA

  49. #digitalqasummit Email Previews Link Validation Spam Filter Checks Colorblindness Testing

  50. Tools for Developers

  51. #digitalqasummit Email Previews Interactive Testing Code Analysis Builder

  52. Tools for Marketers

  53. #digitalqasummit Link Validation Email Analytics

  54. Try Them Out Visit litmus.com/giftcard and use coupon code DigitalQASummit

  55. Make a Case for Email Testing Head over to litmus.com/lp/digitalqasummit

    for more resources and tools