HighEdWeb Technical Academy: Building Better HTML Email Campaigns

HighEdWeb Technical Academy: Building Better HTML Email Campaigns

In this workshop, we’ll dig into the components used in every HTML email campaign. You’ll learn how to combine things like typography, images, links and buttons to create well-crafted emails that work across most email clients. We will also look at different approaches for making those emails work on screens of all sizes and code a responsive email campaign from scratch.

During the workshop, we’ll discuss:

The unique benefits of email marketing
The basic elements of every email campaign
The best ways for coding those elements
Different approaches to mobile and responsive emails
Tips on troubleshooting, workflows and where to learn more

You will leave with a better understanding of what goes into coding amazing email campaigns, along with plenty of resources and code samples to use in your own emails. While this workshop assumes some familiarity with HTML and CSS, it is great for both beginner and intermediate email marketers, designers and developers.



October 07, 2017