Creating Accessible HTML Email Campaigns

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January 17, 2019

Creating Accessible HTML Email Campaigns

Accessibility on the web is pretty well-trodden territory, even if not everyone strives to create accessible web sites. HTML marketing campaigns, on the other hand, are often ignored.

Even though both use the same underlying technology (HTML and CSS), email campaigns are largely inaccessible, leaving a sizable portion of the nearly 3 billion email users worldwide in the dark.

In this session, we'll chat about what you can do to create more accessible HTML email campaigns, both from a technical standpoint as well as a design and content-focused one.

We'll go over:

- How to properly code HTML email campaigns for accessibility
- Some quick wins for creating more accessible emails
- Design considerations for email
- How to go beyond accessibility and create inclusive email experiences
- Tools and resources for accessibility in email



January 17, 2019