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How to Avoid Broken Links, Broken Layouts, and Unhappy Subscribers

How to Avoid Broken Links, Broken Layouts, and Unhappy Subscribers

My talk for Digital Marketing Day 2015, going over the usual stuff - the importance of email, what can break, and how to avoid it all.


March 12, 2015

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  1. #DMDay15 TOP 10 EMAIL CLIENTS #1 Apple iPhone #2 Gmail

    #3 Apple iPad #4 Outlook #5 Apple Mail #6 Google Android #7 Outlook.com #8 Yahoo! Mail #9 Windows Live Mail #10 AOL Mail emailclientmarketshare.com
  2. #DMDay15 The Usual Suspects Desktop Lotus Notes Outlook 2007-2013 Gmail

    Mobile Gmail App Android Clients Windows Phone
  3. #DMDay15 The Fix: Wrap text in a class and override

    with CSS <span  class="apple-­‐footer”>123  Main  St.  Anywhere,  MA  01234</span>       .apple-­‐footer  a  {  color:  #333333;  text-­‐decoration:  none;  }  
  4. #DMDay15 The Fix: Check for contrast & color blindness Tools

    Color Oracle (Mac & PC) Color Contrast Check (Web) Colorblind Web Page Filter (Web)