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Deploy a webapp in minutes with Firebase

Deploy a webapp in minutes with Firebase

Short presentation I used for the lightning talk at LJC.


Rossano D'Angelo

May 15, 2020


  1. Deploy a webapp in minutes with Firebase Rossano D’Angelo Front

    end engineer, Wilmington PLC @rossanodan
  2. Firebase’s mission is to Help app developers succeed

  3. Build better apps Auth Cloud Functions Cloud Firestore Hosting ML

    Kit Realtime Database Cloud Storage Grow and engage users Analytics Predictions Cloud Messaging Remote Config A/B Testing Dynamic Links In-app Messaging Improve app quality Crashlytics Performance Monitoring Test Lab App Distribution BETA Extensions
  4. Confidential + Proprietary Confidential + Proprietary • Fast and secure

    web hosting • Backed by global CDN • Custom domain
  5. Creating the project is straight forward • Firebase provides an

    unique project ID • In Step 2, you can decide to enable or not Google Analytics
  6. Easy to install Installing firebase-tools, we can perform some operations

    using the Terminal!
  7. Initialise the Firebase project locally The command line-based wizard will

    give you through the setup.
  8. Build your code and deploy You will be provided of

    two free domains, available on the Hosting dashboard on the Firebase web Console.
  9. Useful stats to keep control Firebase services are free for

    a certain usage quota. Quotas are limits that Google provides to keep costs under control.
  10. Thank you! Confidential + Proprietary