The Stateful ElePHPant

The Stateful ElePHPant

State machines and the state pattern seem to be pretty underestimated in the PHP world. Most examples found are of doors and other objects that have no application in most of our projects. Starting the talk I will be explaining what the state pattern is and how it's used in a game. Then we'll be discovering what this can do for us in the world of web applications. Following that we're taking a brief look at the state machine, how it's different from the pattern and why it's useful to us.

Instead of simply presenting you these concepts I prefer doing a live coding session so we can explore the possibilities together. You will be walking away from this talk with a solid understanding of the state pattern/state machine and the knowledge on when you should apply these concepts. There will also be plenty of time to have your questions answered.

At the end of the presentation I will also provide a list of useful resources that can help you introduce these concepts within your own projects.


Rick Kuipers

May 20, 2016