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Shasha: Enabling Payment For Your e-commerce Platform

Shasha: Enabling Payment For Your e-commerce Platform

Rufai Mustapha

October 23, 2022

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  1. Shasha
    E-commerce + Payment API

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  2. Mustapha Rufai
    Lead, Developer Engagement @paga

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  3. Find me around the hall.
    I have limited shirts to share.

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  5. This is a talk about how to receive payment from
    your customers.

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  6. Demo

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  12. 6.1 trillion
    transaction value processed

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  13. 20 million
    unique users in Nigeria alone

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  14. Paga is Making Life Possible for everybody, whatever they do:
    ● For consumers via the Paga App to send, pay, and bank.
    ● For merchants via the Doroki app to grow their businesses.
    ● For Paga agents to start earning money by assisting consumers.
    ● For Fintech developers to collaborate, build and share via the Paga platform.
    ● For third party partners to build, launch, and grow with Paga’s APIs.

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  15. Payment solution for to receive payment across Nigeria.
    Build, launch, and grow with Paga’s APIs.

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