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Building Backend Systems In Node.js

Building Backend Systems In Node.js

Rufai Mustapha

September 28, 2022

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  1. Before You Begin Tools You Need Installation Building Your First

    Node.js Server What is Node.js What is not Node.js Learning Outcomes
  2. Git and GitHub Code Editor ( VS Code ) Postman

    Browsers MDN ( Mozilla Developer Network ) LTA ( LearnToAPI.com ) Tools You Need
  3. Quiz 1. How can you build web servers without node.js

    ? 2. What is the node.js way? 3. What is the relationship between node.js and bun.js 4. List error messages you have encountered using the web
  4. Research - Write an article describing run-time engines in javascript.

    - How does image on your phone gets to another phone in Brazil?