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A New Type Testing Tool

Prateek Rungta
August 24, 2021

A New Type Testing Tool

An early look into a new tool for quality testing fonts and preparing them for release. Slides from a session at Typelab Asia (part of Typographics 2021) where we presented a live demo of the tool and talked about the design & development journey of this yet-to-be-named tool being developed by Miranj and guided by Universal Thirst.

Prateek Rungta

August 24, 2021

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 Okay, but — Font Gauntlet 
 Axis Praxis 

 cyreal Font Inspector fontTools 

 South Asian Typefaces 
 Consonant-Vowel Ligatures Conjunct-Vowel Ligatures Included

    Conjuncts All Conjuncts Half-Forms Pre-base Consonant Forms 
 Post-base Consonant Forms Below-base Consonant Forms Extremes (Conjuncts) / Edge Case Shaping
  3. • Testing & Evaluation • South Asian Typefaces • Variable

    Font Support • Web-based • User-Configurable • No data collection • Shareable • O ff line
  4. • App Preview • Family Preview • Included Glyphs •

    Localised Forms • Multi-Line • Single-Line • Spacing & Kerning • Unicode Support • Waterfall • Error Module
  5. • Custom Character Groups • Included Ligatures (liga, dlig, etc.)

    • Fractions • Ordinals • Common Conjuncts • All Conjuncts • Consonant-Vowel Ligatures • Conjunct-Vowel Ligature • Half-forms • Pre-base Consonant Forms • Below-base Consonant Forms • Post-base Consonant Forms • Test Extremes (Conjuncts) / Edge Case Shaping Test • Mark/Anchor Positioning • Numeric: numr, dnom, sups, subs, zero, tnum, pnum, onum, lnum
  6. Universal Thirst Souvik Das Gupta 
 Prateek Rungta Paul Strum

    Prateek Rungta Svelte 
 Opentype.js Commission Discovery, Planning & Architecture 
 Design Development Open Source