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Three Principles To Bring Your Legacy Code Into the Future

Three Principles To Bring Your Legacy Code Into the Future

Roland Weisleder

December 11, 2023

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  1. What is Legacy Code?* • Untested software lacking modern practices.

    • Software written in outdated languages or techniques. • Pre-existing codebase without sufficient documentation. • Code maintained long after its initial development. • Old software that still affects current operations. *According to ChatGPT
  2. • What about the input format? • What about malformed

    input? • What about null? • What about thrown exceptions?
  3. I want to test private methods Private methods are independent

    units in disguise. Extract, document and test.
  4. I have to mock everything So the method does nothing

    useful? Keep it simple, delete the method.
  5. Inverted TDD Refactor to understand the code Green Write a

    new test Red Hopefully not after reverting the refactoring