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WordPress as Project Management Hub

F8176f011f107f24e070427747c04907?s=47 Ryan King
December 08, 2018

WordPress as Project Management Hub

We built a custom intranet for our museum using WordPress tied to online forms, notifications, and Slack / Asana connections. It empowers our staff to create and share documents, submit work requests, and track project. In this brief lightning session, hear about the planning, tools, and implementation to bring everything together to create an interactive productivity hub that you can use for your organization.


Ryan King

December 08, 2018

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  2. Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery Smithsonian

    Institution freersackler.si.edu
  3. source: mirriam-webster.com in·tra·net /intrəˌnet/ a network operating like the World

    Wide Web but having access restricted to a limited group of authorized users(such as employees of a company)
  4. we build dynamic relationships with each other, our partners, and

    our public. collaborative
  5. SharePoint is a place where documents go to die. -David

    Zweigel “
  6. The F|S intranet Zoku (族) is a Sino-Japanese term meaning

    tribe, clan, or family. Zoku
  7. None
  8. content liaisons

  9. Zoku custom login task menu

  10. tools

  11. customization plugins

  12. security plugins

  13. utility plugins

  14. plugins gravity forms •Gravity Forms Asana Add-On •Gravity Forms Slack

    Add-On •Gravity Forms Dropbox Add-On •Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on •Gravity Forms Send to Third-Party API
  15. plugins gravity ecosystem • GravityView - DataTables Extension • GravityView

    - Advanced Filter Extension • GravityView - Inline Edit
  16. plugins fun + eye candy

  17. maintenance

  18. what’s next? •Gutenberg •We are investigating what blocks mean for

    our templates, plugins, and widgets •Testing and revising •Tighter integrations •Workflows and notifications
  19. WORDPRESS AS PROJECT MANAGEMENT HUB Ryan King @ ryancanhelpyou #WCUS