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The culture of l10n

The culture of l10n

It’s important to always remember that the culture of your target audience when you’re considering localising your application.

During this talk at ScotRUG, I highlighted common pitfalls and tried to encourage the audience to think a little differently when it comes to approaching a new market with their product.

Ryan Stenhouse

March 26, 2012

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  1. Originally I planed to • Probably end up patronising everyone

    by a really broad overview of Rails’ Internationalisation API.. • Give a really contrived example and try to make a few points... • Worry about pitching the level of this talk just right so folks would get something out of it...
  2. What I will do • Just jump straight to my

    point, after a flying introduction • Have some funny pictures to share • Hopefully start a discussion around the topic of localisation generally • Drink beer
  3. Understand the culture! • Google, eBay, Yahoo and plenty of

    others all failed in China because they missed out on this one important thing
  4. Translation isn’t enough • Language is only one part of

    a Country’s cultural identity and there are other conventions, particularly around buying and selling that you need to understand. • How you present your information is equally as important as the language - and you can be sure you’re not doing that right.
  5. A Question How do you say “please” to someone form

    a foreign culture to you which has no concept of politeness that you can see?
  6. Politeness is an agreed way of behaving between individuals within

    a culture. The answer is “find out how to be polite”.