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Cultured Localisation (Arrrrcamp)

Cultured Localisation (Arrrrcamp)

This talk isn’t really about localisation or internationalisation (add a ‘z’ if you prefer!) – it’s about culture and understanding. It’s about how we should all be approaching localisation challenges as people problems and to give good examples of how to get it right and where you can go so very wrong.

Your framework and tool of choice is the easy part – understanding the people you’re wanting to each out to is oh-so-very hard and too often seen as only just a translation problem – a simple matter of swapping one string for another.

I’ll talk about how people communicate across cultures, even when they are so different. Drawing on my experience as a teacher of english as a foreign language and my own travels and struggles to absorb another people’s language and culture, I hope I’ll change how you think about solving these problems in future.

Hell, I’ll even make you laugh. I hope. The most important thing though, I’ll provoke a discussion, given the diverse multilingual background of the attendees here; it could be a very good one.

Ryan Stenhouse

October 04, 2012

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  2. • Design was ‘too foreign’ - wasn’t adapted to Chinese

    tastes. • Lack of local payment options • Poor interface localisation and mistranslation • Poor communication tools for buyers
  3. How do you say “please” to someone from a culture

    so alien to you that it doesn’t seem to have a concept of politeness? Question smosh.com
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