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The Road to a Statically Typed Future (ReactAlicante 2017)

by Patrick Stapfer

Published September 30, 2017 in Programming

JavaScript's dynamic nature and rich and expressive syntax are strengths of the language, making it an approachable and beginner-friendly language to get started with. However, this same flexibility through dynamic typing and runtime evaluation increases the difficulty of debugging and makes it tough to confidently change existing code.

This talk will discuss Patrick's personal journey and experience on using existing type systems within and outside of the JavaScript ecosystem, specifically Flow and ReasonML, and demonstrate how they can improve your workflow.

Patrick will talk about general concepts of why we need type definitions, how types will influence API designs, the differences between static and runtime types and how we can bridge the gap between a statically compiled, type-safe language and the JavaScript ecosystem.

This presentation is based on Pt.1 of this presentation series... in Pt. 2 he will demo how types will translate from the Flow type checker to the ReasonML language by using a practical example.