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Agile documentation

Agile documentation

Soenke Ruempler

May 05, 2013

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  1. About me "Chief Trolling Officer" at Jimdo Passionate about the

    web, open source, agile software development and knowledge management (and everything combined) Twitter: @s0enke Blog: http://ruempler.eu/
  2. About Jimdo • WYSIWYG Website creator in 12 languages •

    currently 8 million registrations • ~150 employees in Offices in Hamburg, San Fransisco, Shanghai, Tokyo
  3. Agenda - What to expect? • What can be documented

    in software engineering and IT operations • Documentation antipatterns • Documentation patterns • Agile documentation to the extreme!
  4. Rules • Listen • Ask whenever you want • Think

    • Discuss - it's a highly controversial topic!
  5. Business value low high Total cost of ownership low high

    Wikis Executable High level feature / behavior specs (e. g. cucumber) Static documents Unit tests
  6. Rationale / Business value Executable Specification of the feature Monitors:

    Working Jimdo website, Login, Upload to webserver, Background-Upload to S3, and S3 ;-)
  7. ?

  8. Links and Literature • My diploma thesis • Scott Ambler

    on Agile Documentation • Specification by Example • cucumber-nagios • "Software Engineering Rationale: Wissen über Software erheben und erhalten"