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Adding intelligence to React Apps with Azure Cognitive Services | React Global Summit 2022

Adding intelligence to React Apps with Azure Cognitive Services | React Global Summit 2022

Sahan Serasinghe

August 21, 2022

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  1. ABOUT ME Sahan Serasinghe 👨💻‍‍ Software Engineer | GitHub 📣

    twitter.com/@_SahanSera ✍ sahansera.dev { https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  2. AGENDA § The “search” problem § Key building blocks §

    Putting things together § What’s out there? § Reference Architecture § Implementation § Recap § Further improvements https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  3. THE PROBLEMS How can you ingest data from many sources?

    How do you make them searchable? How do you give a great user experience by enriching with additional context? https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  4. KEY BUILDING BLOCKS Data source Search Index Indexer AI enricher

  5. PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER React App Search Index Indexer AI enricher

    Data source https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  6. MANY OPTIONS • Azure Cognitive Search • AWS Kendra •

    Algolia • Google Cloud Search • Elasticsearch https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  7. RECAP React frontend and with backend Pushed data to a

    data store Created a pipeline to ingest data Added AI enrichment to the data https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  8. CONSIDERATIONS • Additional datastores • Serverless approach • Azure Functions/AWS

    Lambda/BaaS • Scalability • Reliability • Pricing https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  9. FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS • Support unstructured data (eg: images, PDFs etc.)

    • Translations • Custom AI enrichers • Post recommendations https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo
  10. IMAGE CREDITS • Photo by Lorenzo Herrera on Unsplash •

    Photo by Marius Niveri on Unsplash • Stock images provided by PowerPoint https://github.com/sahansera/rgs-2022-demo