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Writing Tests For PHP Source - ZendCon 2017

Writing Tests For PHP Source - ZendCon 2017

Talk given at ZendCon 2017

As you might have already heard from a grumpy individual, adding more tests to your codebase is crucial to its stability over time. This session isn't about adding tests to your PHP codebase, but adding tests to the PHP language itself. And the best part is, all the tests are written in PHP so you don't even have to dust off that old C book from college. In this session you'll see how to find untested parts of the PHP source code, how to write a test for the untested feature, and how to submit your tests to PHP internals. Not only will you be making PHP more stable and reliable, but there's a good chance the tests you write will give you a deeper understanding of PHP; knowledge you can use to improve your own codebases. Not to mention you'll be able to call yourself an internals contributor. Come on in! The water's fine!

Sammy Kaye Powers

October 26, 2017

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