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The Debug Dance - An Intro To Step Debugging - php[world] 2018

The Debug Dance - An Intro To Step Debugging - php[world] 2018

This talk was given at php[world] 2018.

Using `var_dump()` to debug your app has its benefits, but there are more comprehensive and efficient ways to debug those particularly illusive bugs. Enter step debugging. We'll be using Xdebug & the PhpStorm IDE to step through our PHP apps line by line and see how much more power step debugging gives us over the conventional `var_dump()` technique. We'll also touch on debugging from the command line. Learn to dance in PHP with step debugging.

Sammy Kaye Powers

November 14, 2018

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  1. legacy.joind.in/24817 @SammyK #phpworld Kate Gregory “ I'm not saying, ‘don't

    use printf()’, [...] but I think it's insane to use printf() on day one of learning C++. [...] I would first say use the debugger. Episode 30: Stop Teaching C (When Teaching C++)
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    apt-get update $ apt-get install php7.2-xdebug