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Custom Domains with Github Pages

Custom Domains with Github Pages

Use Github to host your static web site

Stephen Thomas

September 01, 2012

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  2. Web Hosting with Github? • It’s Free • It’s Easy

    • Built In Version Control (Duh!) • Edit Any Place Any Time (as long as you can fork)
  3. Goals • http://sathomas.me hosted on Github • Version control on

    all assets • Invisible to visitors • Selected projects as URLs http://sathomas.me/cv ➞ cv project • Other projects as normal http://sathomas.github.com/responsiveTabs • External redirects http://sathomas.me/blog ➞ scriptogr.am
  4. Set Up the Main Site • Create repository named sathomas.github.com

    • Add content (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to master branch • http://sathomas.github.com is now live
  5. Map a Custom Domain • Create file “CNAME” in root

    folder of the master branch. File has single line: sathomas.me • Map domain name to Github in registrar sathomas.me A • Allow optional www prefix www sathomas.github.com CNAME
  6. Create Project Sites • For projects that will have a

    web page (e.g. cv ➞ http://sathomas.me/cv) follow steps in Github documentation to create gh-pages branch
  7. Redirect to External Sites • Create folder in main site

    e.g. /blog • Add index.html page to that folder <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head><title>Visit the blog</title></head> <body> <p>Please visit the <a href="http://blog.sathomas.me">blog</a>.</p> <script>window.location.replace("http://blog.sathomas.me");</script> </body> </html>
  8. Create a Custom 404 Page • Otherwise 404 errors will

    redirect to standard Github 404 page • Name the page 404.html and drop it in the root directory of the main site